Kristina Cranfeld

Foreign Shores
Medium: photography
Commissioned by: Ort Gallery
Year: 2016

During times when borders are being re-defined and our origins questioned, this performance was a personal protest designed to challenge the common image of a migrant, stigmatised as illicit, mistrustful, scavenging and even dangerous. Disguised as a seagull, the migratory bird yet quintessential part of the UK’s coastlines, I sought to remove this social stigma, while playing on the obscure lengths of crossing borders in the future. This piece was part of 'In This British Landscape' solo exhibition which was commissioned by Ort Gallery and Art Council.

120mm photography, Marco Kesseler, Foreign Shores

Curator / Josephine Reichert / Assistants / Ridhi Kalaria / Timothy Hodgson / Photography / Marcin SZ / Commissioned by / Ort Gallery / Art Council