Kristina Cranfeld

Ownership of the Face
Medium: short film and objects
Length: 3min approx
Year: 2011

Ownership of the Face is a speculative narrative where the human face is an artefact that is highly commercialized and manipulated by external forces. The project portrays the future where facial expressions of the work force are exploited purely for corporate needs and to advertise a strong and successful company image. Through innovative design interventions, Ownership of the Face raises empathic concerns of workers to increase our cultural awareness of social standards and attitudes, and thereby bringing about positive changes to our working environments.

Saint Etienne Biennale, Ownership of the Face, installation

2nd Istanbul Biennial, Ownership of the Face, installation

2nd Istanbul Biennial, Ownership of the Face, installation

Airhostess tool

This device is imposed on airhostesses to amplify and exaggerate a ‘genuine smile’, which is a standardized facial expression enforced by airline companies on staff.

Media mask

The purpose of this mask is to remove or alter desired parts of the face. This plays on the contradiction that the media undermines individualism in creating depersonalized, yet perfect, human products.

Deformation mask

These masks give power back to individuals to express their personalities and protect them from social determination. The masks bring attention to the notion that we have reached a point where, without this intervention, we can no longer take control over our own face.

Digital mask

This digital uniform use media techniques but conceptualize real time technology to edit certain facial parts, to achieve perfection in the workplace. It removes individual identity and creates ultimately beautified characteristics.

Ownership of the Face, short film

Ownership of the Face film is a fictional training guide devised for workers to exercise their facial expressions, by using unique devices and exercises. The film explores the potentials in physical modification of the face and communicates the irrationality of demands flowing from occupational institutionalism and mass control mechanisms.

Short film, Ownership of the Face

Cast / Ivy Marshal Corbin / Photography / Tomas Valenzuela Biejer / Textile Manufacture / Masato Jones / Exhibition Design / Noemie Bonnet-Saint Georges / Eric Bourbon / Curators Bruno Lefebvre / Olaf Mühlmann / Emmanuelle Becquemin